IDSC's 65 pharmaceutical veterans averaging 25 years experience in big pharma and biotech provide consulting, leadership, and integrated collaborations for our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and venture capital communities.

Why IDSC Makes a Difference

Our clients receive over 1300 years of pharmaceutical & biotech expertise, deep career therapeutic area expertise across the major TAs, and career line discipline expertise (e.g. med-chem, pharmacology, toxicology, ADME, regulatory, clinical, etc) in all of the disciplines to go from hit identification to product launch for small molecule therapeutics, biologic therapeutics, stem cell therapies, disease diagnostics, medical devices, and nutraceuticals in one consulting company, with one business contact, and one contract.

Why IDSC's Clients Come to us



  • Rapidly add needed drug discovery, preclinical development, or clinical development expertise to their organizations.
  • Utilize our depth of expertise to accelerate their drug discovery and development programs.
  • Rapidly fill key scientific leadership roles within their organization with deep niche expertise.
  • Utilize IDSC's highly experienced interdisciplinary leadership team: ADME, API management/CMC, Biostatistics, Clinical study design, Clinical pharmacology, Commercial assessment, Formulation/Fill & Finish/Analytical, Med-chem, Molecular Modeling, Pharmacology, Regulatory and Toxicology.
  • Access IDSC's deep niche therapeutic area expertise: CNS, Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Infectious Diseases, Inflammation, Immunology, Metabolic Diseases, Oncology, and Pain.
  • Bring timely, unbiased scientific review to their internal programs; provide analysis and opinion on scientific and business issues.
  • Delegate outsourcing management, eliminate trial and error evaluation of CROs, and focus precious resources on CROs with a proven track record.
  • Manage their drug discovery, development and outsourcing activities

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IDSC Business Model IDSC's business model, assuring smooth communication between IDSC's line discipline consultants and our clients, our client's CROs and IDSC, as well as our client and their CROs.

How does IDSC help?




  Add significant value to our client's organization

  Meet our clients' leadership & scientific needs

  Accelerate key go/no-go decisions

  Strengthen the internal discovery and development process

  Expand internal bandwidth




IDSC's mission is to add significant value to our client's organization by providing drug discovery, development, and outsourcing leadership and expertise to assist our clients in delivering innovative medicines to the clinic and on to the market faster, while minimizing attrition.


IDSC's Current Clients:


Virtual biotechs; small, medium, & large biotech & pharmaceutical companies; foundations; VCs & academic institutions

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