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Therapeutic Drugs:  Much of the current page below and the corresponding links describe IDSC's expertise in the area of Therapeutic Drugs. 


Disease DiagnosticsClick here to view our Disease Diagnostics services page.


Medical DevicesClick here to view our Medical Devices services page.


Stem Cell TherapiesClick here to view our Stem Cell Therapies services page.


Neutraceuticals & Medical FoodsClick here to view our Neutraceuticals & Medical Foods services page.

Therapeutic Area Expertise

Infectious DiseasesClick here to view the Infectious Diseases expertise page.


CNS & PainClick here to view the CNS & Pain expertise page.


OncologyClick here to view the Oncology expertise page.


CardiovascularClick here to view the Cardiovascular expertise page.


InflammationClick here to view the Inflammation expertise page.


Metabolic DiseasesClick here to view the Metabolic Diseases expertise page.


DermatologyClick here to view the Dermatology expertise page.


ImmunologyClick here to view the Immunology expertise page.

Therapeutic - Small Molecules & Biologics

Directors at IDSC In discovery, preclinical development, and clinical development have expertise in small molecules, biologics, or both.  Therefore, in most therapeutic areas we can help our clients from discovery to the clinic, and/or on to launch in both small molecules and biologics.  To build on this further, our clients come to IDSC to support their small molecule, small and large peptide, protein, fusion protein, and antibody programs.

Drug Discovery Expertise

Medicinal ChemistryClick here to view the Medicinal Chemistry expertise page.


Molecular ModelingClick here to view the Molecular Modeling expertise page.


PharmacologyClick here to view the Pharmacology expertise page.


Early ADMEClick here to view the Early ADME expertise page.


Early Preclinical Safety EvaluationClick here to view the Early Preclinical Safety Evaluation expertise page.

Preclinical & Clinical Development Expertise

ADMEClick Here to view the ADME expertise page.


ToxicologyClick Here to view the Toxicology expertise page.


API Management & Process DevelopmentClick Here to view the API Management & Process Development expertise page.


CMC RegulatoryClick Here to view the CMC Regulatory expertise page.


FormulationClick Here to view the Formulation Development expertise page.


Preclinical & Clinical Analytical DevelopmentClick Here to view the Preclinical & Clinical Analytical Development expertise page.


Drug Product Fill & FinishClick Here to view the Drug Product Fill & Finish expertise page.


Dosage Forms (All Common Dosage Forms):  IDSC's development directors have gained expertise throughout their careers in all of the common dosage forms including powders in vials, tablets, capsules, sterile solutions, syringes, IVs, and technologies for intranasal delivery. 


Regulatory ComplianceClick Here to view the Regulatory Compliance expertise page.


Clinical Protocol & Program Design & Strategy (MD Clinicians)Click Here to view the Clinical Protocol & Program Design & Strategy (MD Clinicians) expertise page.


Biostatistics:  Contact Us for more information on our biostatisticians.

Commercial Assessment & Valuation:  Click Here to view the Commercial Assessment & Valuation services page.

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