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IDSC Consultants advise clients on various drug discovery strategies and issues. These efforts range from optimizing potency, designing analogs to improve PK and safety, to designing studies required for IND filing. IDSC Scientists have a consistent track record of solving problems to advance compounds into the clinic. They have also managed multi-disciplinary programs within several therapeutic areas, and developed project portfolios directed toward achieving unmet medical needs. The IDSC Team assists clients in optimizing their project strategies to achieve goals with the most effective timelines and resource utilization.

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Leadership, Expertise, & Consulting in:

Research Programs

Medicinal Chemistry

Molecular Modeling


Chemical Devel.

Outsourcing Mgmt


Interim Mgmt/Leadership


Fully Integrated Discovery Collabourations


Strategic & Technical Consulting

Program and Project Leadership, Management, & Consulting

The IDSC Team offers seasoned expertise to support or manage clients' programs/projects and is able to effectively cover multiple drug discovery disciplines to deliver quality results in a timely and cost efficient manner.


IDSC does not have wet labs. Chemistry, in vitro screens, animal models, etc. are outsourced; and IDSC manages our clients outsourcing efforts.

keys to success IDSC's Fully Integrated Project Team for a Drug Discovery Program
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