Outsourcing Management Services

At a glance, services which may be outsourced:

IDSC's leadership pioneered the art of developing and managing high performing vendors in North America, Europe and Asia and has many years of experience managing the outsourcing programs for big pharma.  Capabilities of the CROs that IDSC recommends span the disciplines of chemistry, pharmacology (in vitro screening and in vivo efficacy), ADME, safety, etc.  IDSC partners clients from small biotech companies to large pharmaceutical companies with vendors that have consistently delivered the highest quality services.

IDSC recommends CROs that are best suited for success.  We do not broker or represent CROs, but are compensated only by our clients and do not receive fees, or kickbacks from CROs that we recommend. We work with approximately 70 CROs offering services in chemistry, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, ADME, and safety/tox.  Our recommendation of CROs to clients is driven by a business philosophy to identify the right CRO to fit the client's needs for the particular task at hand.

Outsourcing Project Management is customized to meet the needs of the client.  IDSC's outsourcing directors manage all aspects of a client's outsourcing program, from obtaining quotes for a one time service to managing external FTEs:


  • Identify the appropriate high quality vendors for the project
  • Develop outsourcing strategy and solicit competitive quotes
  • Sourcing difficult to find raw materials
  • Prepare thorough technical packages for vendors and manage projects to completion
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Manage client/vendor relationship by monitoring vendor progress and keeping client informed
  • Provide metrics on the efficiency of vendors
  • Manage import/export of shipments. Identification of best couriers and brokers


Click here to view the Chemistry Outsourcing Workshop given by Mark Creswell in 2008

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